DampRid Refillable 10.5oz + Lid LAVENDER VANILLA Absorber

The DampRid 10.5oz Refillable Lavender Vanilla Moisture Absorber adds economy to function, featuring a sturdy container and insert sleeve that can be refilled and reused time and again.


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NEW DampRid Refillable Lavender Vanilla Absorber 10.5oz + Lid

Refillable Moisture Absorbers — Lavender Vanilla 10.5 oz.. Cleaner, drier indoor air with a gentle touch of lavender and vanilla scent — DampRid® Lavender Vanilla Refillable Moisture Absorbers bring a long-lasting freshness to your home and family.

Featuring a 10.5 oz. canister that can be reused over and over again, DampRid® Refillable systems provide a long-term solution to stale, stagnant indoor air that’s both highly effective and highly economical.

DampRid® crystals attract and trap excess moisture from the air to eliminate stale, musty odors. This refillable moisture absorber is ideal for creating fresher, cleaner air in:

Clothes closets
Laundry rooms
Storage closets
Gym lockers
Stored RVs

— or anywhere excess moisture is a problem.
DampRid® 10.5 oz Refillable Moisture Absorber (FG01LV) is ideal for spaces up to 250 sq. ft.— and provides up to 45 days of moisture control, depending on temperature and conditions.

DampRid® 42 oz. Refill Bag (FG30LV) saves you even more — this easy-to-pour re-closeable pouch provides four refills for the 10.5 oz Refillable Moisture Absorber.

Bathrooms/Laundry Rooms
Offices/Supply Closets
Gym Lockers
Storage Spaces
Boats/RVs/Classic Cars

Usage Tip: Because dry fertilizers and pesticides need to be kept dry, use the DampRid Refillable Moisture Absorber in your tool or garden shed.

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